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“Floating” is the practice of using a flotation room or pod for many different reasons: stress relief, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and recuperation - just to name a few.

Flotation Therapy uses a special solution of salinated water, utilizing 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt per unit. The buoyancy makes floating in water feel like floating on air. Without any effort you can relieve pain, heal faster, relax, de-stress, meditate, improve sleep and have fun with this unique experience.

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Larger than the pods, our float rooms are great for beginner and experienced floaters.  Equipped with LED lights that shimmer like starlight and soft, subtle music,  float rooms offer a tranquil, captivating experience that will relax, recharge, and rejuvenate you.



Our Pods offer the same experience as a Float Room only smaller.  People say the space is more closed in but both type of rooms offer you the same benefits.  Both rooms and pods are the same expense to float in, it is basically just preference to the individual on which they prefer to use.

Float Therapy Session Pricing

30 Minute Float $45
60 Minute Float $65
90 Minute Float $95

What is Floating? 
Some of the most sought after, relaxing vacations and
experiences we seek involve water.
Candle lit warm bath, hot tub, floating in a pool, the beach, the
ocean, sailing. The simple, natural, comforting feeling of water.
Now, imagine a space created to not only enjoy water,
but enhance it.

In a dark, quiet environment, you will be FLOATING in “heavy”
salted water, heated to skin temperature. The density of the
concentrated salt water creates the feeling of floating weightlessly in
space. It literally can be described by some as “Heaven on Earth”.
Just like every person is different, so is each float session.

If you truly let go to the experience, you will have a customized,
unique experience like you have NEVER felt before. This is a
way of taking time to relax and shut the world out for a short
while, but the lasting effects can be life changing. A typical float
session is either 60 or 90 minutes, in which guests can reach
many levels of relaxation and meditative states.
Scientific research into floating has found that 3 floats done
within a 10-21 day period produced the best initial results.
Floaters all over the world have proven this to be true.

Do I Need To Bring Anything?
Just Yourself.
We provide everything you need.
• Towels
• Robe
• Slippers
• Shampoo
• Body Wash
• Conditioner
• Makeup Remover
• Hair Dryer
• Styling Products

How are the tanks kept clean?
In addition to the natural cleansing properties of Epsom
salt, we also use the most powerful and effective oxidizer
on the market today. This UV filter system combined
with 35% hydrogen peroxide, sterilizes the water for a
crystal clear Float.
Each room is cleaned, sanitized and tested after every float.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes. You must be 18 years of age to float at our facility.
Some medical conditions can prevent you from floating.
Please consult with your physician.
You must be able to enter and exit the pod or room unassisted.

Our facility offers standard sized pods and rooms with one
additional oversized room,which allows us to accommodate just about everyone.



• Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled service.
• You will be greeted and given a personal tour of our facility.
• You will be asked to complete an intake form.
• Then you will be escorted to your selected service.
**Shaving,waxing, caffeine or alcohol consumption is
not recommended before floating.


Once in the room, undress and enjoy a private pre-float shower.
• Each guest is required to shower and shampoo before
floating to remove any oils, fragrance, make up, and hair
• Insert earplugs that are provided for you.
• Step into pod or room.
• Close the lid or door, grab your floating pillow (optional),
• Music will launch you into your float session. You have the
option to float in silence or keep the music playing, as well
as adjusting the lighting.

After Your Float Session

• 5 minutes prior to the end of your float session, music will
either turn on or off depending on the option you chose at
the start of your float.
• Slowly and carefully exit the pod or room.
• Shower, shampoo, and condition to wash off all excess salt.
• A robe and slippers are provided for our guests for
comfort between services.

To save time, please fill out our New Client Form & Waiver here.

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