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Our enhancement services are a great way for you to add on to an existing service or come in and get that extra pick me up after a long day. Don't have a lot of time? Our Enhancement Services are a perfect fit!  Each service is no longer than 30 minutes and provides you with many of the same benefits as our full spa services. 


15 min. $15

Infrared saunas use light to create heat to provide an abundance of health benefits.

Detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, pain relief, decreased blood pressure, increased circulation, promotion of wound healing, and skin purification are just a few of the rewarding results your body can take advantage of in just a 15 minute visit.

massage chair.JPG


15 min. $15

Zero Gravity 3D massaging has benefits that decrease spine pressure and neck and back tension, while increasing lung function and circulation. These benefits work together to bring you an unparalleled level of relaxation. Add this enhancement to any service or stop in to get the relief you need on the go. 3D massage chair services often conclude in fewer than 30 minutes.


15 min. $15

Our Hydromassage Bed provides you a full body massage with the use of pressurized water.

Travelling jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, allowing users to select the exact points where they would like to concentrate the massage, select the desired massage pressure, adjust the speed using 4 easy settings, and even hold the massage in any given point to provide focused relief.

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